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 Pomeranian . Species and varieties


Bitter orange , sometimes referred to as the Pomeranian is the smallest of all

 Spitz . Not in vain his other official name is " Miniature Spitz ."

 This is very popular decorative dog . Some canine association

 define orange as a separate breed , others consider it a dwarf

variant of German Spitz.

There is, however another classification . Some dog handlers leave the priority it

 in orange , and the German Spitz is considered as its larger species.

 Nevertheless , along with classical pomeranian there are some

other species of the family pet dog .


                      Pomeranian types :

Pomeranian ( miniature ) Spitz ;

German Spitz ( Keeshond );

Japanese Spitz ;

Big Dog ;

Spitz ;

Italian Volpino and others.



Pomeranian - compact , harmoniously built dog square

 formy.Mordochka narrow , much like the fox . Ears of medium size, rounded and

 close-set . Chest broad and deep. Limbs set wide , straight.

 Rounded paws .


Pomeranian types for coat color :

cream ;

sand ;

Auburn ;


white ;

blue ;

black ;

Dark brown ;


chocolate ;

Mixed .

Due to the color of some types of Spitz even got its own name .

 For example , blue merle has a combined color - blue with black or blue with

 dark gray. Pomeranz need to bathe at least twice a year. Dirty wool loses

its structure ceases to grow , and even begins to precipitate .


Since wild orange - very small dog , he did not find his or her official

purpose. The only job he can properly perform - security .

 Voiced and shrill high-pitched barking can not pay attention to those people if

Pomeranian found any threat .

Lack of hunting instinct further reinforce its vigilance as a security guard.

Oranges are very affectionate , they can spend hours playing with young children . In this

 parents need not worry that the dog will cause any harm to the child , even

 negligence. Pomeranian is very smart , well -trained and already at the age of 5

 months assimilates all the necessary commands . At this time, it is already possible to walk, but

 many owners , given its small size , prefer to teach oranges

 tray. Pomeranian - a great friend , faithful and very beautiful.

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