Pomeranian breed standard (photo)

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German, miniature, Pomeranian , dwarf , dwarfs , that ... difficult to imagine that  all the same breed name , or rather, the smallest species of the German Spitz .

Wherever you were with Pomeranian, he always attracts attention. on walk or in the show ring - Spitz is always gorgeous. Pomeranets catches admiring glances and makes smile.

Pomeranian - a born companion and an ideal city dog ​​. this is a dog  optimist and for optimists ! He is mobile and cheerful, loves walks . nature orange combines tireless temperament enviable ingenuity, cheerfulness, loyalty and devotion .

And Spitz knows how to smile :)

Size and weight. Height :

1) Keeshond ( Keeshond ) - 49 ± 6 cm;
2) Big Dog - 46 ± 4 cm;
3) middle Spitz - 34 ± 4 cm;
4) Miniature Spitz - 26 ± 3 cm;
5) Toy Spitz ( Pomeranian ) - 20 ± 2 cm;

Weight : Each variety of German Spitz should have a corresponding weight .

Spectacular , square format , mobile dog with very thick , fluffy , upright standing

 wool. Elegant small head with a graceful face, expressive eyes , bright black

 nose and smiling mouth. Ears are small , close-set , pointed and very mobile .

 Pert upturned tail on the back and covered with long feathered . The main decoration - it

 magnificent " frill " on the shoulders of the rich and " pants " on hips , front paws rich feathering . on

muzzle and paws front of the hair is short and shiny. Color most diverse . Height

withers 18 - 22 cm, weight up to 3.5 kg. The smaller varieties of Spitz , the faster and more elegant it

dresses . Fully dog drawn to approximately the 3rd year.

Wool : the German Spitz double coat - straight, vertical , long upper
 hairs (top coat ) and short, thick ( cotton ) undercoat . Head, ears , front
 of the front and hind legs , and feet are covered by short, thick , velvety fur.
 The rest of the body has a long rich coat. Wool nevolnistaya , lank or
 ribbed ( stripes ) are not divided on the back. Fur on the neck and shoulders forms a thick mane. back
 part of the forepaws has feathered , the hind legs profusely covered with hair from croup to hock
 joint. Tail densely pubescent .
Color: Spitz ( Pomeranian ): black , brown, white, orange, shades of gray , other colors.
Limbs . Forelimbs . Total direct, rather broad front ( front ) . Shoulder blade
 long, pulled back . A forearm which is approximately the same length forming an angle of 90 ° to
 lotpatke . Shoulder muscular and well planted to the chest. Elbow : The elbow joint is strong , close-
 adjacent to the chest, turns neither in nor out . Forearm : Medium length with respect
body, strong and completely straight . Back of the forearm is covered with dense hair . Pastern :
 strong midsize is angled 20 ° to the vertical. Front feet: extremely
 small, round with appressed toes, so called cat feet . Claws and pads
 all shades of black , but dark brown in brown dogs . Hind limbs . Total :
 hindquarters are well developed muscles , covered with dense hair hock
 joint, straight and parallel. Upper and lower thigh : Approximately equal length.
Knee : knee strong with an average angulation and turns neither in nor out .
 Hock: medium length, very strong and is vertical to the ground . Hind feet: very
 small, with tightly pressed against each other toes, so called cat feet . Cushions
 rough ( rough ) . Color claws and pads as possible dark.
Gait and movement. German Spitz moves straight ahead vigorously and continuously .
Leather. Covers the body tightly without any wrinkles .
Head Cranial region . Spitz medium size head , seen from above seems the widest
 the rear portion and tapers to a wedge-shaped tip of the nose . Stop ( bridge ) . Middle, blurred .
 Face area . Nose is round, small, all-black , dark brown in Spitz
 brown color . Muzzle: neudlinennaya and is in proportion to the cranial
 box ( at the Keeshond ( Keeshond ) , large and medium-sized Spitz the ratio of length of muzzle to length
 cranium approximately 2:3 , in Miniature and Toy Spitz approximately 2:4).
Lips: not enlarged , close fitting to the jaws and do not form any folds in the corners of the mouth , completely
 black , brown - the brown Spitz. Jaws and teeth : Jaws normally developed ,
 scissor bite , by the usual formula , ie upper teeth closely overlapping the lower and
 rectangle located on the jaws . Pincer- bite is permissible for all Spitz .
Cheeks are gently rounded , flush-mounted . Eyes: Medium size , elongated dark .
 Dribbling century black in any color , dark brown - in brown Spitz . ears:
 small, set high and relatively close to each other, triangular and pointed .
 Always placed upright , stiff at the tips .
Neck : Medium length, widening to shoulders , slightly arched and covered with a dense coat forming
 a stiff collar . Body: topline starts at the tips of vertically
 set , pointed ears and a gentle curve becomes short, straight back .
 Bushy , sweeping tail , which partially covers the back, rounds off the silhouette.
Withers and back : high withers drop imperceptibly into the shortest possible , straight , firm back.
Loin: Short , broad and strong .
Croup: Broad and short, steep.
Chest: Deep , a large amount of light , the front part of the chest is well developed.
 Line belly ( bottom) : the long brisket small stomach .
Tail. Raised high, medium length, rounded on the back from the base immediately . It is located
 right over the back and covered with very thick hair . A double curl at tip of tail is permitted.

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