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Pomeranian - fairly easy to breed in the maintenance and care, grooming
requires a minimum . To bathe Pomeranians are fine with pleasure
swim . If the dog show and need it to look good , then bathe her
worth once a week or once every two weeks . In the usual case and can be less. pet
well tolerated combing breeder this teaches him from an early age .
They are well accustomed to go to the toilet on special trays . But walking the dog all
still need . Spitz puppies gnaw minimal , but still can not to lay on the floor
wires , especially if you have to leave the house . Today in pet stores
sell special arenas that can be placed in any room to plant
pet there, and he did not jump . However, if the person works full time
day and it is practically not at home , the dog itself as the grass will not grow.
Spitz requires attention to him were well looked after . For a dog it is very important
to be loved , to master was near . It is like a toy , and understands and
refers to this well .
Spitz , in general, is relatively quiet breed of dog . But very often the owners themselves
 small dogs grab them from the slightest noise , and pets panic and feel it all
 they passed . The dog in the house should be a place , his watch feeding and dog
 should understand , especially Spitz that the owner is in charge , and he only just a dog.
 Spitz almost never runs away from a host on the street as a very dog
 devotee . But living in the city , you need to understand that there are other owners of dogs
 not all of which are adequate . Most people understand that if the dog is aggressive , then
 it must take on a leash . But sometimes do not understand completely the same little dachshund
 for Spitz can be dangerous. For this it is necessary to monitor and if
 runs a large dog , the first thing to catch on your hands Spitz. for
 pet leash perfect roulette , which protect it from danger.
Spitz gladly love to ride with the owner , loves to play with children , be on
 nature, wonderful tolerate heat and cold. Perfect pet lives in a family where
 small children . The main thing is that the child knew enough not to offend small , can not be
 drop from the height of the dog .
 Breed for a child is very good, cheerful, kind and friendly .
 Pomeranian gets along well with cats . The only question is the cat
 that it does not hurt the dog . If the cat is not aggressive , they will play together and
even sleeping together .
Of course, the main pride of the Pomeranian is its luxurious thick coat
 with abundant undercoat. I must say that wool " orange " is not so complicated in
 care . It is recommended to comb twice a week, using the so-called
 " Slicker " and regular comb. Do not overdo it - with daily combing
 you risk leaving your pet without undercoat !
Pomeranian recommended wash as little as possible , for example, before the show , during
 moulting or if heavily soiled pet . Before water treatments
 dog should be carefully combed .
One of the weaknesses of the toy breeds of dogs - teeth. Need regular care for
 pet teeth to prevent periodontal disease . Brushing your teeth is carried out
 using a special brush and toothpaste .
As necessary, clean the pet's eyes with a cotton swab dipped in boiling water.
Small size allows Pomeranian teach him not go to the toilet on street, and in a tray filled .
Many owners are wondering what to feed Pomeranian ? Easier and Better
 dry foods . They are perfectly balanced , contain all the necessary different
 stages of vitamins and minerals. If you decide to feed your pet natural
 products , remember that not all that useful for a person , it is useful for dogs. for
 " Oranges " desirable withstand mono-diet , but we must not forget to follow
 balance necessary for animal substances. As with other breeds , it is impossible to give
 dwarf spire sweets, sausages , milk, sausage .

Today, a lot of good dog food of superior class. Of them have a choice and
 You can pick up specifically for your dog, what suits her . But if you want to
 fed natural food , this food should be only specifically for dogs, and not
 from the table. Can be specially prepared for pet food and even diet while giving
 vitamins, or just not cheap to feed good feed. superpremium feed
 There are separate versions for small dog breeds, including there
specifically for Spitz . Usually breeder when selling a puppy says which product
 fed him and often gives a portion of the feed. Fruit, apple, carrot , cucumber - for
 Spitz is not a limitation . Treats for dogs have low fat cheese . Spitz eat
 very little food and not worth to save . Therefore, better food that was expensive .
 Pet can feed on the regime , ie , puppy 4 times, then three times , then the dog 2
 times a day. You can just pour into a bowl and dog will eat as much as he
necessary. He is not overweight cest . Water should stand permanently.
 Remember - dirty wool grows poorly . Walking can be done , both in winter and in the warm
 time of year. Pomeranian easily accustomed to the tray , or you can also pelenke.Gulyat
 2 times a day.
Care Pomeranian puppy .
Caring for a puppy is not just a mandatory procedure for its inspection - it is nothing like
 first steps in his upbringing . At least once a day is necessary to examine the baby.
 Look into your eyes, be sure not to leak and they do not fester . At least once in
 week should check the condition of the ears, and if there is accumulated earwax ,
 clean them . Only need to clean the outside of the ear , without penetrating the
 auditory meatus . During the teething we must monitor the timely
loss of milk and proper growth of the molars . Often (especially those
 suffer puppies toy breeds ) are not precipitated milk teeth , interfere with the normal
 indigenous growth . This will enable not only miss the wrong
 shaping the future dog bite , but also taught her to show no problems with teeth
 necessary, for example in the exhibition.
Puppies, as long-haired breeds and shorthaired , it is necessary once a day to comb ,
 longhair - dis -tion , and short-haired - bristle brush , thus we do not
 Only clean and massaging the skin and hair puppy , but are working
 habit of patiently - worn for inspection . Every puppy should be inspected
 anal region , especially in long-haired breeds , which fur around
 it is desirable to cut off the anus . Periodically scan length
 claws and pruning .
To Pomeranian looked clean , beautiful and healthy for fluffy
 "Hair" dwarf Pomeranian need regular maintenance , and it's not just
 constant combing brush, holding a large amount of time. The coat
 puppies in the age of two months long and fluffy, often comes to the tips of the ears ,
 so it will have to comb several times a day . About three or four months
 dog can become shorthair , needs only minimal " massage "
 a soft brush. At about the age of one year will once again be ready to
 already well-developed comb , double coat .
Brush and comb - items daily care of a Pomeranian . With attention and
 care owner must apply to ensure that his favorite wool cover not
 entangled and lost appeal. Many owners do not trust the comb,
 believe that they cause great harm to the animal , and, in principle , it is no
 wrong decision. You can use a comb to comb out
 formed on the balls of wool and falling spikes , which can not be cut . also
 Comb is perfect to give a shiny hairs fluff
view, especially on paws and ears.
Brush - a much more versatile tool that can be used to
 regular brushing . Begin this procedure must be from the back or abdomen Spitz
 gradually moving forward in the process of sharing grooming the hair on the layers to
 accelerate and facilitate the work . At least you can pay attention to the tail
 dogs , combing it from the base . To " open them " just cover costs
 hold the brush on the " hair " from tail to head - wool with very beautiful
 lifted .
  Health Pomeranian
If you purchased a Pomeranian puppy , should understand that your pet is not
 toy , because such a small dog in the care of soon will resemble small
 child. Therefore , you should know what your pet disease characterized and that
 first of all you should pay attention if a dog unwell .
Do not be lazy to engage in inspection dog every day. Pay attention to the following
 deviations from the norm :
- Pomeranian ears should be natural shade , and resulting sulfur and
 unpleasant odor may be signs of diseases of ears ;
- None of the eyes or nose of healthy Spitz can be no discharge ;
- If the dog is coughing , it may indicate colds, therefore,
 noting this fact , show it to the vet immediately ;
- If suddenly your chair became orange liquid , and blood appeared in the urine , it is very
 serious signal indicating health problems your pet ;
- The dog's nose always , except sleep state should be wet and cold , and
 mood of this animal , cheerful nature , upbeat ;
- A healthy Spitz beautiful coat that requires extra care . Do
 Spitz molt begins a three-month , ie infant wool changes to
 constant . During this time, it is better not to bathe the dog , but the rest of the
 must carefully monitor the hairline. Wash your pet can
 Only special shampoos and hair combs need to scratch with rare
 teeth ;
- If you notice that Spitz became lethargic, refuses to eat , measure body temperature.
 This procedure is performed by measuring the anus , and she measured temperature
 should be 38-39 degrees , it is considered the norm for the Orange ;
- Skin Spitz should not have redness and entities follow their
 cleanliness . In the summer time , inspect your dog for getting on
 scalp parasites such as mites. The best option in this case ,
 wool processing is special protective equipment ;
- Focuses on the teeth and jaws of the Pomeranian , but that more
we will discuss in detail in the next article .
Also , do not pass mandatory vaccination , which takes all
purebred dogs , just remember that you can instill healthy Spitz.
 Mandatory Naladte contact with those who sold you the puppy , because this man
 has expertise and can help you in any problem grows
 dogs .
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