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After three months of first molt begins Pomeranian is a change
 child to adult wool . In 5-7 months puppy little resemblance to the adult Pomeranian Spitz.
 Its full beauty wool Spitz usually reaches to two or three years of life .
stare very presentable . Spitz primarily axial take off hair (this
 long pile , which gives Pomeranz surround view). More slowly and imperceptibly
 undercoat is a change because it is very thick. Spitz with photos Molting - it
 natural process that occurs in all pomeranian for
 lifetime . First molt from bears pomerashek starts at age 3.5 - 4 months
 a complete change of the puppy down to the adult coat. Molting process
 Pomeranian All adult Pomeranian molting process less
 conspicuous , 2 times a year. At the age of 2 to 3 months Spitz puppies have
 irresistible view , resemble small bears, but moult look very
 unpresentable . Spitz first take off the centerline of hair ( it's a long nap ,
 which gives Pomeranz surround view). More slowly and quietly going
 undercoat change because it is very thick. Some representatives of this breed in
 molting period , a sharp loss and axial hair and undercoat, Spitz
 reminds his appearance bare Chihuahua. Many owners put off Spitz
 this , thinking that their favorite sick and start to panic . But do not be upset ,
 if your pet is not attractive in the molting period can be a puppy cut and
 fur grows back , approximately 8 months of age (all pomerashek it individually ,
 can be used , maybe later ) in orange coat is bright , thick, and overflow
 delight your eyes . Spitz puppies sharp dropping their wool cover
 can be directly linked to an unbalanced diet , the baby need to diet
 include proteins , carbohydrates and vitamins equally. Adults Spitz shed not
 abundant, especially males , postpartum bitch can completely throw cvoyu chic
 fur (all axial hair without undercoat ) , but within a few months again
 cluttered . During feeding their babies with milk bitch loses a significant
 amounts of trace elements , vitamins and minerals , and with it, and its gorgeous wool.
 To retain maximum coat of your pet - feed abundantly nutritious,
 useful , and most importantly balanced diet . A full set of adult coat comes
 oranges in over three years , ie every year the coat is thicker and
 posh. During molting adults need to carefully comb the wool in
 direction from tail to head , because wool in this period fray of dogs and
 strays in undercoat . Bathe in this period Pomeranian need every 2-3
 month , less often - the better to walk in less dusty areas . Color Pomeranian
 Spitz moult
Before molting Pomeranian puppies may have
patchy color puppy down, but the adult coat gain, mainly
  monotonous. Pomerashki black color moult can be gray, almost gray
  or brown, but typing adult wool again become black. on the ground
  photo pomeranian black color at the age of 2.5 months, in the second photo in Spitz
  moult in 4.5 months, and the third photo option haircuts orange moult

Before you buy a puppy Pomeranian read this feature
 rocks , ie the process of turning a beautiful orange baby to adult .
 In the following picture you can see how the modified Pomeranian puppy
 Spitz with age and as molting affects the appearance of the coat it .
Pomeranian brown color 8 weeks , it is up to 3 months will gain
 fur , ie it becomes thicker and longer , but after this the process is reversed.
 Pomeranian 4 months , it is clear that in the puppy stage molt threw almost all
 axial pile and a significant portion of the undercoat , the coat color became pale ,
 dim, fur lost its shine . Pomeranian became an adult , he's already 5 months
 his coat is still scarce and has not quite attractive appearance , wool
 become more pale and patchy color. Age pomerashki 7 months already
 seen that the baby began to recruit and undercoat and osyak changed and coat color , color
 began to suck . Age Pomeranian brown color reached 8 months , his
 coat has become even richer, denser, richer and acquired a uniform color. but it
not the limit, every month up to 3 years of age, will gain Pomeranian
 wool cover.
With proper care and good condition
 the coat of wool at home can be a little - a thick dense undercoat reliably
 and keeps himself , and guard hairs . Wool Pomeranian always
 processed even when stroking only against its growth , from the tail to the head. for
 grooming Spitz suit rare comb and a brush . undercoat can
 comb only during molting , otherwise guard hairs lose support for the state.
 Spitz not comb gently , about once a week. If formed
 mats , they should be carefully plucked . Do not wash Spitz during molting ,
 because then all matted wool . Besides washing detergent usually
provokes molting and can change the quality of wool - it becomes soft and
 wavy. Therefore, the dog wash or when heavily soiled or before the show , but
 at least one week and special shampoos
Before washing the dog should be combed . Be sure to properly walk your pet.
 Feed is not necessary. To wash , use a shampoo for dogs. Currently selection
 means grooming is very large . If intended for colored shampoos
 dogs , keep this in mind when choosing a shampoo . Do not wash white dog shampoo
 designed for black : might get unexpected results . wash
 dwarf spire rinse is not needed. Before washing the dog 's ears with cotton plug ,
 not to get water into the ear canal . Try to keep the detergent , means falling into the
 dog's eyes . If this happens - flush eyes with plenty of clean dogs
 water. Wash dwarf spire best in the bath using a shower with flexible hose .
 Water should be warm . Thoroughly moisten the wool. Shampoo dilute with water . can
 watering the dog out of the bottle or apply shampoo sponge. After this good
 massage shampoo soaked wool and rinse thoroughly with water .
After the second press wool, give the dog a few times a good shake ,
 wipe with a towel and start drying. It is best to use a powerful hair dryer,
 designed specifically for dogs. Be careful not to burn your pet and not
cause him discomfort , if the stream of air is very hot. good
use a hair dryer , which has a drying cycle without heating. Dry dog is best for
 table. Initially dry limbs , hips, back. When it's all mane , pants ,
 tail , i.e. places covered the longest hair, comb strand strands for
 Separate against the direction of hair growth. Each strand thoroughly dry .
After drying, give the dog a good shake . If you walk in front of another ,
 it should be short and as actively as possible , so that the dog does not freeze if
 winter outside .
Proper grooming - an important measure for maintaining healthy skin and
 wool Spitz.
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