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Pomeranian ( also called " miniature , dwarf , that Spitz ")

 is one of the most popular breeds today . This small dog breed has firmly taken

 its place in the hearts of breeders and just pet lovers . miniature

 Spitz has a cheerful playful disposition , excellent hearing , and loyal character .

 Pomeranian can tirelessly to play with children , active and energetic, but at the same

 No cause trouble , because obeys his master. This breed of small dogs

 different intelligence and devotion , as well as a desire to please the owner.

 That's why pomeranian well to train.


Care for miniature Spitz simple, unpretentious and it requires only

 constant attention and love. Health of this breed of small dogs can dare

about envy. Externally pomeranian exactly repeats the usual dog,

 only miniaturized . The growth of this small dog breed just 18-22 cm and

 weight 2-3 kg . Attractive appearance Pomeranian often makes it

 exhibitions and won many awards own . A distinctive feature of this breed

 small dog - a beautiful thick and soft wool , which is due to the density of undercoat

 rises. Due to this, an effect of " standing wool " , like this dog

 small rocks just laid a hairdryer in the trendy salon. Especially a lot of wool

 grows on the neck, shoulders , and on the hind legs and tail.

Absolutely adorable puppies Spitz . At first glance it is difficult to determine which

 since they belong to, and to learn in which not only a miniature dog, but in general

 dog. Fluffy lumps like foxes or foxes , soft toys

 decorative pillows .


Pomeranian - companion dog , very smart , has a strong sense of

esteem, betrayed his master, loves children , very sociable and

 affectionate , easy to train and not whimsical in content. Spitz - it

 dog , created for fun and socializing with people. In this little dog with smart

 expressive eyes and a happy smile , placed a huge sea of love

 devotion to his master, willingness to follow him to the ends of the earth .

The nature of the Pomeranian is wonderful. This is a very good natured dog that

 well get on with children , easily find language with pets. pygmy

 pomeranian very tied to the owner , said his best friend , so ready

 to be around all day . Baby dedication knows no bounds , does not hide his pipsqueak

 warm feelings - and openly expresses them , what drives the emotion all around.

 Impossible to remain indifferent to this Fuzzies .

 Unlike many other species of ornamental dwarf pomeranian very

  hardy , so little subject to colds and other infectious diseases ,

  feels great on the road. And it does not need to be coddled , Pomeranian

  tirelessly to walk on a leash. Dogs have a well-developed sense organs ,

  are natural guards . Ancestors oranges - German Spitz tungsten ,

  Despite its modest size , well guarded vineyards .

  Desire to protect his master left and Pomeranian , so they are very

  kind to the owner.

Character Pomeranian

Character Pomeranian different activity. At home and on the street, in any

 setting your pet will be happy to play , run and meet new people and

 animals. Docile nature allows even leave if necessary, your

doggie with strangers , he is equally obedient and "their" , and alien. obedience

 people and recognition of their authority does not extend to the tribesmen : your pet with  pleasure performing any of your whim, will aggressively try to take

 leading position among dogs. Likewise, he goes with the territory : people

 allowed much greater, and four-legged neighbor accidentally wandered risks getting

 small bashing . Purebred Pomeranian extremely sociable : people , of course, is

 The most interesting in life, but dogs do not claim to leadership, and other living

 being also very suitable to play and make friends with them. Apparently, from

- for such an active dog sociability is not able to concentrate on anything

 a long time, the game requires , affection and was not averse to bark loudly , especially in the near cat - cats do not like Spitz reason . Perhaps canine brain categorically

 does not want to understand why being larger himself may climb to impunity

 nightstand several times higher than its own growth and hiss angrily out ! human

 Pomeranian pups love , especially those who are close to five years - the

 best friends for games ! And it is with such babies can show their guard

 ability ( pretty high , I must say) , a grateful child never laugh

 tiny brave dog. And maybe something tasty treat you for your faithful service !

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