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Kennel "Elite Imperiya" - nursery dwarf Spitz Pomeranian , Chihuahua , Yorkshire Terriers !

We are pleased to welcome you at the kennel «Elite Imperiya» Elite Empire -Pomeranian dwarf Spitz ( miniature, Spitz ) , Chihuahua , Yorkshire terrier.

In our kennel you can buy high-end quality ornamental breed puppy :

active and exciting dwarf spire , intelligent and beautiful Chihuahua , winding and

 Cute Yorkshire terrier.

We do things we love and use in breeding the best and famous bloodlines

leading nurseries in the world in countries such as America, Canada, Thailand, Taiwan, Russia

 and other countries !

Our main motto is "not quantity but quality " !

Our goal is to obtain exclusive vysokoporodnyh , healthy puppies from elite roditeley.Kupiv in our kennel puppy, we give advice on education , care , Nutrition and content puppy. And we will help you choose a puppy Pomeranian

 Pomeranian , Yorkshire Terrier , Chihuahua.



In the sale of puppies Pomeranian (Pomeranian) exhibited photos and videos elite puppies Pomeranian spitz miniature dwarf very rare colors (white, cream, white cream , black , orange , party of color that are available for sale) .

You can also read the information about the content , care , feeding, training Pomeranian dog, and how to teach your puppy to the tray ( diaper ) .

Section - Yorkshire Terrier puppies for sale (Yorkshire Terrier) You can also select elite  vysokoporodnye puppy Yorkshire Terrier ( York ) extra- mini, mini and standard of Multichampions world.

Section - chihuahua puppies for sale (Chihuahua) photos and videos exclusive snub-nosed chihuahua puppies

 super mini, mini and standard haired and long-haired different colors .


Puppies are divided into classes on the exterior :

You can buy puppies show class (SHOW) - for exhibitions , shows, shows ...

Dogs have excellent exterior and exhibition " Courage ." they can win at shows of any rank in any competition. have outstanding exterior qualities and temperament that allows , with proper care and appropriate training to grow a "star" rings .

Breed class (BREED) - dog for breeding. Animals that do not have such a brilliant appearance as a show dog , but having the correct anatomy , healthy and breed .

Possesses strong breed temperament. Puppies related to tribal class , pedigree , have no disqualifying defects visible and significant shortcomings. Suitable and interesting for further breeding work . they can

participate in exhibitions , receiving positive reviews and titles (up to Champion Ukraine ) , but most likely will not be able to claim for prizes at major shows.

Pat class (PET) - a pet . Puppies having either disqualifying vices ( plembrak ) or a large number of significant deficiencies exterior . Dogs this group should not be used for breeding . However, this does not interfere with puppies become so great companion , friend and favorite of the whole family.

Pictured popular and famous Pomeranian Boo ( Boo ) color orange ,  who " blew up " the Internet.

Professional nursery "Elite Imperiya" offers you to buy exclusive puppies

Pomeranian spitz miniature dwarf , Yorkshire terrier , chihuahua elite - For those who appreciate the "quality" .

Our dogs York , dog, chihuahua have elegant exterior and excellent breeding qualities.

Puppies brought up hath love and care , socially adapted , vaccinated for age.

We know what we need to do for you to enjoy the beauty and charm of its pet.

Select the most exclusive , unique Pomeranian puppy in bear type, rare colors : white , party of color , white cream , chernopodpalogo , orange , cream , black , elite Yorkshire terrier mini and standard , temperamental chihuahua

  You can buy - in kennel "Elite Imperiya" ( Elite  Empire ) city Krivoy Rog, Ukraine !

" Anyone who says that you can not buy happiness , never bought a puppy ."

Delivery to any country in the hands of you personally , Ukraine free shipping !

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