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Pomeranian - the smallest of the Spitz , but the strength of character he would not give large dogs . He dared

 determined, self-sufficient, while gay and cheerful . Pomeranian loves games and walks,  his movements swift and light when playing several small Spitz , it seems , that fluffy weightless balls do not touch the ground . Pomeranians love to bark , mainly to attract the attention of beloved master . To avoid excessive noise , barking should not be encouraged. also

 " educational " work should be carried out with males because they tend everywhere to leave their  tags .

Pomeranian friendly and sociable , there are no problems when sharing

 Content even several dogs of the same sex . Orange adult growth is 18 to 22 cm at the withers , weight

 up to 3.5 kg. Ideal weight is considered to be 1.8-2.3 kg. Most Pomeranian live to elderly age , provided that they are provided with adequate care . Some may even live to 18 or 20 years , but life expectancy Pomeranian - about 12 - 14 years .

 Charming " Pomeranian " reminds you teddy bear toy can call it impossible. Lively, cheerful character , a close look intelligent eyes , a rare intelligence and devotion - all serious quality dog and a true friend . And although growth pomeranian small, its bright individuality , he can charm even those who are absolutely indifferent to lapdog .

To dislike him and Obazhaet - it's impossible!

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